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Protecting Our Clients

Fiduciary is the keyword to this era. Our process above all has been designed to assist employers in mitigating parts of their personal liability.*

*As set forth in, and subject to applicable agreements.

Employee Education

Your employees are likely relying on their 401k to fund a substantial part of their retirement. It’s our responsibility to educate them to make prudent decisions.


An essential component of ensuring your plan is not paying fees higher than the average plan, or not receiving services that are considered the norm in this new cycle is to compare your service providers.

Plan Design Consultation

A well-designed and constructed plan can assist your business potential while a poorly designed plan can leave you wondering why you’re falling behind your competitors.

Investment Policy

Documenting your process is potentially the most important thing you can do to protect the employees, the business, and yourself. Regulators are looking at whether corporations have a method to their decisions when it comes to investments.

Investment Review

Measuring performance against criteria specific to your plan is a quarterly practice to ensure the plan is performing optimally.

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